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Posts Tagged ‘preston james weekly options’

Expiration Day Strategies

Someone sent me an interesting video yesterday regarding a weekly options trading strategy called a strike force – or strike force trade – which is a variation on a ratio spread trade that can be used at or near options expiration using weekly options. Coming up we’ll get more into this type of trade and […]

Weekly Options Strategies

Weekly Options Strategies A lot of weekly options traders as well as options traders who utilize weekly options strategies like the iron condor, the butterfly spread, double diagonals, and calendars using the standard month options – have the mindset that they should just put these trades on every single month like clockwork regardless what the […]

Weekly Options – New APPL Weekly Options Trade

Weekly Options – AAPL There is a potential weekly options ‘revolving credit spread’ play setting up on AAPL right now that we could be getting into either this week or perhaps next week. This set up would be based on a cycle set up that has seemed to occur right around this time of the […]

Weekly Options – Directional Income Trades

Weekly Options – Directional Though most of the weekly options trading strategies I focus on are more non directional type income trades – directional plays do have their place in my portfolio and weekly options can be a great tool to profit from directional and more spec moves. They can be a lot of fun […]

Weekly Options – Using Delta

Weekly Options – Delta In options trading – and weekly options trading – ‘Delta’ can mean several different things. Delta is one of the option greeks – along with theta, gamma, vega, and rho. Weekly Options – How To Measure Perhaps one of the most widely used ways to describe delta – is that is […]

Weekly Options – The Money Sandwich Trade

Weekly Options A great weekly options trade for generating consistent income is a trade I like to call the money sandwich – or the weekly sandwich trade. This is a trade that takes advantage of the pinning type effects that happen to a lot of the higher volume stocks that have weekly options to trade […]