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Posts Tagged ‘weekly windfalls’

Option Volatility Tools & Tricks

With everything that is currently happening in the markets and in the world – it seems as though this could be a good time to take a look at different ways to trade volatility – not only as a way to hedge trading positions that we might already have on – but also as a […]

New Weekly Options For Week Of Aug 18-26

This weeks new list of weekly options were posted today – you can find the list below. These weekly options came out today, August 18 – and will expire on August 26. Here is the list… LIST OF AVAILABLE WEEKLYS OPTIONS (last updated August 17, 2011) – official Ticker Symbol Name Product Type List Date […]

Weekly Options – Covered Calls and High Volatility

While there are a number of different traditional option strategies we option traders can play using the weekly options, in this post we will take a look at the covered call – as well as a trade we will call the ‘buy write’ trade – where we use longer term options as a sort of […]