Weekly Options – Directional Income Trades

weekly options

Weekly Options – Directional

Though most of the weekly options trading strategies I focus on are more non directional type income trades – directional plays do have their place in my portfolio and weekly options can be a great tool to profit from directional and more spec moves. They can be a lot of fun too.

And the great thing – is that there are ‘directional’ strategies that can be used with weekly options that are much safer than just straight out buying puts and calls. There are option strategies that can be used that can make just about as much profit as a straight call or put play – BUT – provides a level of protection if the stock / underlying winds up not cooperating with your ‘directional plan’.

Weekly Options – Hybrid Trades

In addition – what makes these type of trades even more interesting – is the ability to ‘morph’ them into other types of weekly options trading strategies what they do reach a level of profitability – creating positions that have a built in guaranteed profit – no downside and/or risk whatsoever. With just a simple little tweak and adjustment you can transform these simple trades into positions that you can walk away from – never look at again – and be guaranteed a profit – WITH the potential to make make much more – and in some cases UNLIMITED profit potential.

Weekly Options – Trading Newsletter

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weekly options

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