Weekly Options – Let Them Be Called ‘Quickies!’

weekly options

Weekly Options Story

Here’s a great weekly options story I had never heard before –

Originally – the two co founders of what many (including yours truly) consider to be the absolute best options trading brokerage ‘in the world’ – were the ones who came up with the idea for a weekly trading product to begin with.

Weekly Options = Quickies

They came up with it years ago and they promoted it and promoted it and finally it did make its way onto the exchanges – however – the best part of the story is that they were not originally called ‘weeklys’ or the weekly option…

They were originally called: quickies.

However, asĀ  you can probably imagine, the suits at the exchanges had some issues with putting out a new trading product called ‘quickies’ – and so the name was changed to ‘weeklys’.

Actually, to tell you the truth, when I heard this story I really wasn’t surprised that the great guys at the best options trading brokerage in the world came up with the idea for weeklys.

Weekly Options Exploding

And since weeklys have been introduced on the stock and option exchanges – and to the retail options trader – the volume for weekly options has absolutely exploded.

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