Weekly Options – SO Many More ‘Options’

weekly options

Weekly Options Trading

One of the great things about having the new weekly options available for trading – especially for us option income traders – is the fact that weekly options give us so much flexibility in when and if we want to trade them or not.

Weekly Options – A Better Way

This gives us so much of an advantage over the ‘old’ way of trading for monthly income. When we only had the ‘monthlies’ to work with – we only had 12 times per year to make our income trades. And if we were trading in a month where there was an earnings announcement – or a major news event – or some other market moving type of event – we would either have to sit out the entire month to avoid getting whip sawed, shaken out, or slammed by a huge move – or we would have to take the risk – put the trade on – and hope and pray that we are able to properly manage and adjust the position if things go haywire.

Not so anymore with the weeklys.

Weekly Options – More ‘At Bats’

With weekly options, we now have 52 times per year we can sell premium for income – and when those times of the year come along where there is an earnings announcement with the underlying we are trading – or a major potential market moving event – we can now just simply sit it out that week and wait for the potential ‘storm’ to blow over – then get right back into trading again once it has calmed back down.

This is just one of the many benefit to trading the new weekly options. To learn the others – as well as option strategies for extracting income along with how to manage and adjust option income positions – weekly options trading, and more – join us at our free option income website and trading newsletter here


weekly options

weekly options


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