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Weekly Options Resources

Whether you are trading weekly options or option trading strategies with standard monthly options – or even longer term leaps – here are a couple of great resources that all option traders should be aware of to help ‘better’ their game.

Each of these are from the CBOE – which can be found at cboe.com – which is a huge ‘rich’ site with tons of option – and ‘option income’ trading resources and content.

Among this great content – especially important for weekly options traders – is the resources that are available that describe in detail how option trading settlement procedures work – such as when and how they finally settle (for example standard american style options vs. european style options – along with the new SPXPM options, etc)

The CBOE offers a free excel download of the weekly options every week that they come out. You just go to their website and download the new list of weeklys every Wednesday. It comes available to download in an excel sheet with a lot of data for each underlying that has the current weekly options available on – which you can sort, slice, and dice in a variety of ways to help you make better decisions on which trades to make.

You can also subscribe to an email from the CBOE that will keep you up to date with the new weekly options as they come out. You can have them sent directly to your email box rather than having to head over to the site and look them up.

And also – there are literally hours and hours of great options trading educational that can be accessed for learning.

For a carefully put together list of the VERY BEST of these option trading educational programs and videos (there are so many that it is definitely worth your time to get this list and cut right through all the ‘not so amazing’ stuff) be sure to visit our options resource center inside our FREE options trading members website – or just email us and we sill send you the .pdf.

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